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Tweaking Tracks

Tweaking Tracks is an electronic dance music record label and DJ brand formed in 2013 by co-owners Chris York and Chris Prole.


The pair have been friends from school for over 15 years and have always shared a love for dance music. This passion spans back to the very early days of acid house and the beginning of the rave scene.

Both studied music production after leaving school and have grown up being DJs playing in clubs up and down the South Coast.


Their backgrounds span over many genres including Old Skool, Hardcore and Breakbeat to Deep House, Classical Singing/Songwriting and Acoustic Guitar.


They now run their own individual studios, producing some of the freshest sounds on the House scene. They are always on the lookout for new talent to sign and showcase on their Clubland Radio UK show: The Tweaking Tracks Takeover; so if you are a producer and wish to send demos or promos to the guys visit www.tweakingtracks.com or email info@tweakingtracks.com


The Tweaking Tracks are proud sponsors of Clubland Radio UK