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Soton's 5 Days Weather Forecast

                           Welcome to Clubland Radio UK!

This is an upbeat Dance music station broadcasting from our studios in Southampton on the South Coast. We bring you the very best in Dance, Breaks, DnB, Urban and Club Beats 24 / 7.  We have vibrant shows seven days a week to put lead in your pencil along with the podcasts and latest weather for the area. We have got top notch music legends including.......... Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold, Armen Van Buuren, DJ Simon, Clint Maximus, Stu Little,               Jay Forster, Colin Hanslip, Paul Anthony, Adam Turner, Andy B, Brian Cheatham, Tara McDonald, Dialect & Kosine, Phil Marriott,  Ian Duggan, Ryan Dowling, Dave Pearce, Matt Darey and many more.

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